Pet Policy

We welcome guests who travel with their dogs; we don’t like to be separated from ours for too long either. We do not charge for pets to stay, but for the benefit of all we need to outline some basic guidelines for pet owners during their stay here. These will ensure that your stay is as relaxed and enjoyable for you as it is for other guests.

Etiquette for pet owners

-No gimmicks, no treats, no food/water bowls provided. Just a genuine welcome. Please provide for all your pets needs.

-Please ensure you have your pet treated for fleas and ticks (yes, there are ticks in the countryside). You should also check your pet regularly to ensure they are parasite free.

-We make an assumption that your pet has up to date vaccinations. If not, you should be aware that we have an abundance of wildlife here that very definitely is not vaccinated. The risk of illness or infection is not high but the countryside is full of potential pathogens that can be hazardous to your pet.

-Bring your own pet bedding and please do not allow pets on furniture or beds. We reserve the right to charge for damages to fabric, floors, furniture or bedding. This policy applies to all our guests and is not specific to pet owners.

-Please don’t leave your pet alone in your cabin.

-Always keep dogs on leads when away from your cabin. You should be in control of your pet at all times. If your pet is exuberant or energetic please ensure that you have some means of containing them. We have working farms with livestock all around us and it is not advisable to allow your dog to stray. And please be aware that we do not provide kennels or any form of confinement for dogs.

-Pick up after your pet and dispose of the waste in a responsible manner. We will supply bins.

-Enjoy your stay. This is not optional. Smiley face.