After many years of searching for our rural idyll, we came to the Nire Valley in 2012, and immediately fell in love with the place and the people.

At the time all we wanted was a bit of room to stretch out, but we could see straight away that this was a special place. We spent several years dreaming about building a quiet haven where other people could come and enjoy the wonderful scenery and unspoilt countryside. Try as we might, we found nothing anywhere else that would help us realise this dream. So we set about creating something entirely new.

Our first priority was a comfortable bed, in a comfortable room, but in a meadow. Our cabins are a unique take on the traditional Irish bothán or bothy, but with all the comforts of home; well the really important ones anyway.

Most importantly we wanted them to be as sustainable as possible, both in their design and build, and in their ongoing use, and for the environmental impact of the activities in the Eco camp to be negligible.

We also wanted to blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor living. We have tried to retain some of the best bits of camping but with the comfort of knowing that, regardless of the weather, you won’t have to sleep in a puddle.

We looked at many sites in our search for inspiration and were disappointed to see rows or clusters of pods, practically up on top of each other. For us, privacy is an important element of a peaceful holiday. We have five custom-built cabins spread around six acres of grassland.

Also, many glamping sites have shared toilets, showers or kitchens. Again we wanted to distinguish ourselves from the pack and chose a different path. Each cabin has its own shower and flushing toilet ( no composting toilets or porta-potties) and its own off-grid solar power. A gas stove for the essential cup of tea or coffee is provided in the outside kitchenette on your private deck.

This is our full-time job; we live on site and there is always someone here to assist you whatever needs may arise. We don’t quite offer a full concierge service but we are happy to make suggestions for activities, for dining, for sightseeing and for relaxation. We can assist with bookings and referrals.

So there it is. Our aim is to make your stay a stress free one. We are not so smug to think that we have thought of everything. If something is missing, all you have to do is ask.